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"White linen is the paper of (housewives), which must be on hand in great, well-ordered layers, and therein they write their entire philosophy of life, their woes and their joys."
Women's Work: The First 20,000 Years, Elizabeth Wayland Barber, p.232

In 1995, I purchased a bag of French linens from my neighbor, Connie Barnes (head librarian for Cranbrook Academy of Art for 23 years), who at 94 was reducing her household possessions. She later told me that the drawings I had done on her linens reminded her of the way she used to plot out her garden each year.

Writing A Woman's Life (1 of 42)
Writing A Woman's Life Series:
Inscribing The Daily (1 of 42)
French Linen, Dyed Cotton Thread, Direct Drawing Stitchery
8" x 11"