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While living in NYC from 2000-2002, I found the environment to be very masculine with its concrete hardness and vertical buildings blocking all evidence of nature. Daily walks affected my bodily rhythm, block after block on the grid. This daily linear rhythm intensified my interest in the artist Piet Mondrian, who responded to NYC in his grid-like paintings. I reacted by exploring the relationship of grid lines and planes through computer drawings. In 2002 I moved to a rural setting, where in 2004 I broke ground for a four-square, formal garden as an ode to my study of Mondrian. The garden continues to grow, often causing me to reflect on the contrast between urban and pastoral living.

Ode To Mondrian
Ode To Mondrian
Spiral Bound Book, Essays, Photographs, Computer Drawings
6"W x 5.5"H, 70 Single-sided Pages