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Ribbons of Pattern: The Land is a boxed eight book series of photographed seasonal changes that occurred on my land over a one-year period of time. The miniature accordion books, when unfurled, create cloth-like ribbons of pattern. There are two books per season: Light Dusting, Snow; Early Planting, Daffodils; Summer Tomatoes, Pool Leaves; Mushrooms, Trees.

Ribbons of Pattern: The Land (Overview)
Ribbons of Pattern: The Land(Overview)Eight (8) Miniature Accordion Books/BoxedUnique artist's book
Digital Color Photographs Printed On Pineapple Fiber Paper Handmade In The Philippines (Asa Press), Card Stock
Each book: 3.25"W x 2.5"H (closed), 2.5"H x 94"L (open)